Dave Dunn's Liquid Amalgam

Dave Dunn 's Liquid Amalgam was written with one clear mission in mind: “to unleash the natural creativity that already exists within you and your people.” If you manage a body shop, collision repair center, or other service company, you are most likely tired of gimmicks and corny motivational programs. Perhaps you've read some management books and found they address manufacturing and not your industry.

The Liquid Amalgam approach helps equip bodyshop, collision repair, and other service managers with the skills necessary to deal with the complexities of running their business.With the Liquid Amalgam approach, you'll discover how you can be free from unnecessary rules and policies while improving commitment and productivity. In this book, you won't find Band-Aid incentive plans or smoke and mirrors. Instead, you'll find a lasting method of managing yourself and your organization that will stand the test of time.


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